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Skiservice in Filzmoos



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Monday – Sunday:

8.30 am – 6.00 pm




Using newly-developed scan technology we ensure your
ski boots fit perfectly.

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Service for skis and snowboards
directly at the base station Königslehen in Radstadt

It’s no fun skiing with blunt edges or a damaged base, as you need to make more effort. You tire more easily and accidents occur. Our staff ensure your skis are fit for the slopes. Our motto is: more grip – more carving fun!


Bring in the evening - ready in the morning! 

Bring your skies or snowboard on the evening and pick it up in the next morning!  

If possible and desired we can service your skies or snowboard immediatly.


Ski service offer:

Skiservice Professional


Skiservice Express


Skiservice Wachsen

  • repair base

  • base edge

  • stone grind

  • side edge

  • tuning

  • wax

  • structure & polish

  • stone grind

  • tuning

  • wax

  • wax

adults € 32,99

children € 21,99

adults € 19,99

children € 11,99

adults € 9,99

children € 5,99


Check skis and bindings: € 15,-



Snowboard service offer

Snowboardservice Professional


Snowboardservice Express


Snowboardservice Wachsen

  • remove & replace binding

  • scrape large holes or scratches by hand and remove old wax

  • repair base

  • roughly sand down base

  • fine sand base

  • sharpen edges as required (90°-87°)

  • structure edges

  • hot wax and polish base

  • remove & replace binding

  • sand base

  • sharpen edges

  • hot wax and polish base

  • wax

€ 45,99

€ 32,99

€ 9,99


Check board and bindings: € 15,-

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us by email or give us a call:

+43 6452 / 20743. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.